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Getting ready for your big spring break or summer vacation? Whether you’re flying cross country, hitting the beaches of Mexico or just taking a short road trip; it’s important to stay healthy and energized. Before you pack your swimsuit, make sure you take a look at these five tips 30Fifteen  compiled for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

Tip 1: Pack your own food.

Eating out while traveling can be really expensive, and not to mention unhealthy. Instead of spending your money on gas station snacks or airplane food; pack your own food ahead of time! Grab some tupperware and fill them with trail mix, granola bars, fruit or veggies. If you’re staying somewhere for a longer period of time, go grocery shopping! That way, you save money on food and can cook healthy meals during your stay.

Tip 2: Bring your refillable water bottle.

Staying hydrated is essential during any vacation. After a long day in the hot sun, your body will be screaming for water. A refillable water bottle is easy to take with you anywhere and cuts down on waste as well. So, it’s a win-win for all!

Tip 3: Use the hotel gym.

If you usually stick to a strict workout routine, don’t let it suffer while you’re on vacation. Hotel gyms are almost always included with your stay and offer all the standard equipment you’ll need. Even if you just get 30 minutes in, you’re staying active and taking care of your body.

30fifteen travel trips for health

Tip 4: Schedule healthy activities in your itinerary.

You might be traveling to another country or back home for a quick visit, but either way you can be active along the way. Research activities to do in your destination and put them down in your calendar. You can go hiking, snorkeling, ziplining, skiing, swimming; anything that gets your body moving!

Tip 5: Get outdoors.

Whether you’re heading for cooler weather or seeking out the sun, get outside and enjoy your surroundings. Take a walk outside your hotel or just sit outside and read a book. Just being out in the fresh air can be very rejuvenating for your mind and spirit.