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Normally, 30Fifteen isn’t encouraging our readers to quit. In fact, it’s usually the opposite, and for the most part, we’re encouraging you to never give up. Today, though, we have a few bad habits that you can quit today for a healthier, happier life.

30Fifteen you can't please everyone

1)    Quit trying to please everyone.
Trying to please everyone else is something a lot of people are guilty of, which is unfortunate because not only is it impossible to please everyone, it also comes at the sacrifice of your happiness. Constantly worrying about the happiness of those around us, leaves very little time to focus on our own happiness, which of course breeds resentment, stress, and other nasty emotions. So why not quit? Instead, a lot time to make yourself happy! It may seem a bit selfish at first, but once you are truly happy, that positivity will radiate outwards and affect those around you.

30Fifteen change is often just an opportunity for growth

2)    Quit fearing change.
This one is practically human nature, which makes it kind of hard to quit. A more fitting, revised version would be: quit allowing your fear to dictate your journey. As you probably already know, change is an unavoidable part of life. Whether you’re moving, getting a promotion, or starting a new relationship, change can be scary. Courage comes into play when you decide to take the leap anyways. The next time you’re fearing a big change, consider making a pros and cons list, which might help you see the situation more clearly. We also like to use positive affirmations to keep ourselves grounded and confident, so we can face our fears more easily. Remember, change is often just an opportunity for growth. You've got this.

30Fifteen quit living in the past

3)    Quit living in the past.
The past is not to be taken for granted. It’s what molded you into the person you are today, but that’s the catch. You are here. You are living in today. Focusing on the past is very similar to fearing change in that it keeps you from living life to its fullest. One way to move on is forgiveness. Whether it’s a relative, friend, or even yourself, offering up forgiveness for past failings can be totally liberating. From there, try to focus on today. What are you doing today to make yourself grow? There will naturally be slip ups (We can’t be the only ones lying awake at 3 a.m., thinking about something we said four months ago.), but if you make it a daily effort to stop focusing the past, living in the present will be your healthiest habit in no time.

30Fifteen reasons to stop putting yourself down

4)    Quit putting yourself down.
Have you ever heard the saying: you are your own worst critic? There is some truth in it. More often than not, we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is, but it is so important to give yourself a break! Life is hard enough as it is. Piling negative self-talk on top of it is not just bad for your happiness. It’s completely unnecessary. Instead, we should all become our own biggest cheerleaders!

30Fifteen quit with the overthinking

5)    Quit overthinking.
This one is a biggie for us. Saying, “Quit overthinking,” is kind of like saying, “Quit breathing.” It’s hard to do. We over think our overthinking, and it does nothing but stress us out. As professional over thinkers, we have found that a little yoga, a lavender bubble bath, and a glass of wine can help when we’re trapped in a black hole of thought. You could also try writing down your thoughts and then tossing them out. Or, if you’re looking for something a little less symbolic, keeping busy can help too. Clean the house, hit the gym, or try watching one of your favorite movies to divert your attention.

You might have already made an effort to quit one or all of these bad habits at the start of the year, in which case, keep it up! Don’t quit quitting! If you find that you do exhibit these bad habits, well, that’s okay. We all experience them from time to time. That’s why we took the time to write this post, and when you dedicate yourself to quitting these bad habits, we think you’ll notice an increase in your happy levels.