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30Fifteen. 30 Thoughts. See what we did there? Below you'll find 30 thoughts that you may or may not have when you show up for a tennis lesson at a new club. Maybe you won't relate to all of them. Maybe you have zero anxiety about new places and new people, and you won't relate to any of these thoughts - but you can be dang sure that the below list pretty much explains what's going through our heads when we take our first lesson at a new tennis club:

1.     Ok – the place looks different to how I imagined

2.     Wow that’s a huge bubble – how many courts do they have again?

3.     Ugh I’m so early – its ok maybe there’s forms to fill out…

4.     Oh they have a pro shop – awesome – maybe I’ll look in there after…

5.     Where the heck do I check in?

6.     Oh – I hope the front desk staff are helpful

7.     Oh he’s hot – is he a coach?

8.     Nope just a member- maybe I will join this club

9.     Ok so no forms to fill out, I guess I’ll just take a seat and play on my phone

10.  There’s not much seating, Iooks like I’m sitting with these three-people..

11.  If I don’t make eye contact, they won’t strike up a conversation.

12.  Wow that lady talks loud, does she know everyone in this room can hear her?

13.  Yep, I guess she does…

14.  Hey lady not everyone wants to know about how your cleaner doesn’t do the jobs you pay her to do… or that you really like to wear jewelry when you play – yikes where am I?!

15.  Wow she knows everyone – does she own the club?! 

16.  Ok – where’s my iPhone – pretend your busy…

17.  Has time slowed down? …Ok let’s just watch the people on the courts.

18.  Oh crap that’s the court my lesson is on, everyone can watch you – oh boy that’s going to be embarrassing.

19.  Ok that lady keeps hitting it into the net- she doesn’t care- she’s laughing it off. Oh she seems cool – ok – I’ll just be like that. “Nothing bothers me. I am laid back. I don’t care what people think of me. This is not an audition. This is meant to be fun”

20.  Ah they are coming off the court.  Great. My turn…

21.  Where did he say, I should leave my coat? Oh yes coat check..

22.  There’s no hangers – great, why is that woman looking at me like I’m the artful dodger?! I’m not going to steal your coat lady – just looking for a hanger!

23.  I’ll take it on the court with me..I’m sure others do that..  

24.  How do you get on the court?

25.  Do these nets open? *guy helps open nets to court*

26.  Wow well that was embarrassing …

27.   “the coach will meet you on the court” the front desk guy said- how the heck do I know which one is my coach…

28.  I’m just awkwardly standing on this court- this is court 3 right?! *checks it’s court 3

29.  Well I’ll get ready – get my racket out, have a sip of water… stop thinking everyone is watching you – no one is watching you!  

30.  Ah that has to be my coach, yep it’s my coach. Ok. Cool. Let’s do this.

Well, there you have it. You're practically a mind reader at this point! Is your experience at a new club similar? Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment, and then keep an eye on the blog for our next 30 Thoughts from 30Fifteen post!